Marketing and Masculinity: a Woman’s work is never through…



This week for my contribution to the blog I’m going to tell a story of my outrage whilst on my long journey to work. As if trains in the morning weren’t irritating enough, I alighted the underground at Marylebone to be greeted with a poster that read “YOUR PARTNER MAY HAVE PREMATURE EJACULATION”. The said poster featured an image very similar to the one included above – a man soundly sleeping and a woman looking concerned and worried. By now I’ve stopped dead in my tracks, completely ignorant to my fellow commuters, jaw floor bound at this poxy advert. Not only is this one of the last things I want to consider at 7:45am but moreover, yes, maybe one’s partner does finish too quickly…but why is that her/my/your problem? Why is she the one losing sleep over it whilst he’s in a smug deep sleep?!

As women, we have to deal with cystitis, thrush, fanny farts, PMT, bodily hair that society expects us to remove and magazine after magazine telling us how we need to and by what methods to pleasure our men…and then if he enjoys it too much/too quickly, that’s on our list of things to sort out too? Not to mention our uterus walls gorily crumbling away monthly, ensuring we have supplies to deal with the bloodshed, ensuring we have birth control supplies to ensure aforementioned bloodshed occurs, that is, if we don’t want an infant, (might I add this comes in the glamorous options of: having an numb bum giving injection in the buttock, a coil thrust up our foofi’s, a creepy piece of plastic inserted into our arm or a pill laced with mood altering, spot inducing and weight gaining qualities) and you want me to deal with your dick dilemmas?

Don’t get me wrong I’m sympathetic and would be willing to support and help a significant other through this kind of issue, which I’m sure is damaging to one’s confidence and embarrassing. Any decent person would but, the responsibility does not lie with us and this poor piece of marketing just encourages the stereotype that in order to be “masculine” men ignore their bodily malfunctions and avoid going to the doctor which is a train of though that needs to rapidly die out, not bred. I know what you’re thinking “it’s only an advert, there are far more pressing issues” and you’re right but it just bothered me so I had a little light hearted rant. Now I can continue with my day planning to end rape culture and street harassment. Peace! x


Emily Hughes

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