Shani Cherry: Queen of Hearts EP Launch

Emily Nardini

I attended the Queen of Hearts EP Launch to photograph these wonderful, powerful woman doing what they love most – performing their craft. Shani Cherry, no introduction needed, carefully picked the line up as she knew each female had something magical to offer that would represent ‘Queen of Hearts’ – what Shani had put her all into. The night was filled with positive energy start to finish and everyone did their thing if that was performing or supporting…we all shined together like the rhinestones on Shani Cherry’s outfit!

First act of the majestic night was sweetheart Ashleigh Anita – singer/songwriter and occasional pianist from South London. With sound influences from indie pop to jazz fusion, Ashleigh’s soulful melodies coupled with pop undertones created a unique sound aimed to soothe the soul and engage the mind with her set of 3 songs ‘Lullaby ‘64’ ‘Warm Water (Banks Cover)’ and ‘Love Strong’. Honestly, Lullaby ‘64 was such a great way to start the evening majestically. She is currently focusing on songwriting with news of releasing new material over the next year

Twitter/Instagram: @ashleighanita_

The second strong woman Cazzy – songwriter, rapper and producer is on a quest to make a positive impact on the music industry. She’s been writing lyrics since she was 11. The urban poet’s lyrics aim to inspire and humour others which she certainly did with ‘You Better Tell Me’ ‘Hold Me Back’ and ‘In It For The Money Honey’ which the crowd even joined in. Her display showed she’s a big fan of self love and female empowerment with songs like ‘I’m Good’ which personally inspired me

Twitter/Instagram: @caztime_

Third lovely lady, but certainly not least was Melodi – singer/songwriter from Hertfordshire and now living in South East London. Fusing R&B, Pop and Soul with real lyrics, she has been creating a buzz for herself across the music scene. Melodi has twice been picked up by BBC Introducing with her previous singles ‘The Melodi Road’ and ‘I Want You’. Now with new releases in the pipeline, she is set for a big year and known online platforms are catching onto her magic. Getting a taste of ‘Dance With Me’ and ‘Stereotypical’, we’re in for a treat with Melodi, it’s in her name!

Twitter/Instagram: @melodimusicofficial

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