UV’s Top 5 Girls To Look Out For 2019


Words by Emily Nardini

Ultravenus is all about women supporting women. So we thought it was only right to start off the year with saying which ladies you need to keep your creative eye on as they are only going to keep growing…



Sophie Nettie

She’s a model and a master’s student of Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health. What sets this ambitious girl apart from the rest? Sophie very bravely shared a video of herself having a focal seizure which is what she suffers with frequently having epilepsy. At one point, she was anxious to go out fearing people would judge her if she had a fit and forced to quit her part time retail job due to stress. Now, she’s telling her story for all to hear (and beautifully doing so!) Wanting to raise awareness of all the side effects of epilepsy, she’s also been featured in the DailyMail and Refinery29. Hope there is more to come from this science loving chick!



Madders Tiff

Infamous Vine-er turned Grime MC…say what? Yes! Madders is a rising Grime MC and it’s not just her authentic bars you need to watch out for on her Madders On The Block EP. Putting her ‘the future is female’ self in a male dominated scene – she’s not going down quietly with her activism nature of pushing the ‘girls of grime’ movement, speaking on politics and mental health. She’s also been on Mark Francis’ Big Night Out: Grime on All 4. Even though Madders has a small following, when you have JME amongst many other artists rating you – I’m pretty certain it won’t take very long before everyone starts hyping “It’s Madders, Madders!”



Jade Laurice of Pocalondon

Illustrator and blogger Jade expresses herself through her brand Pocalondon. Pocalondon completely embodies female empowerment from poetic hand painted phone cases to denim jackets and each piece more fire than the last. The divine artist is also a model that promotes body confidence, alternative fashion and beauty. Having bought more than a couple of phone cases from Pocalondon, you’ll feel the girl power at your finger tips!



Noor of Noorvana

A psychology graduate turned fashion designer…meet the crochet queen! Not only are her pieces undeniably one of a kind and celebrity worn – Noor is truly unapologetically herself with her views on being a modern female, cultural restrictions and definitely not shook to get scrappy when companies like Fashion Nova knock off her designs. Do a double take on this fire cracker, literally!



Sian of Ultravenus

What started as a Uni Blog expanded into a Zine/Podcast all thanks to artistically driven Sian. Photographer/artist/aspiring mental health advocate, she is a woman of many talents. Thank you to giving birth to our baby. I wouldn’t be having my bowl of self value for breakfast if I didn’t mention Ultravenus in the Top 5. We have an abundance of blessings in 2019, eternally and for all!

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