Valentine’s Day: Ultravenus Talks Love

Processed with VSCO with ke1 preset

Words and photography by Emily Nardini

Love has been in the air this week as it’s been Galentine’s/Valentine’s. Lots of posts/stories on Social Media celebrating love with their other half or just themselves. We at UV wanted to know what Valentine’s meant to others, so have asked a couple of creatives to see what they did to celebrate and their thoughts of the day…

Ema Morton of Emme Nail

Instagram: @emme_nail

“I chilled with my boyfriend. Valentine’s means valued time, to me. Spending time together over spending money. That’s all I need”

Reece Chaplin (Journalist)

Instagram: @reece.chaplin_journalist

“The day was like normal as I was away for work but I made sure that the romance was kept alive by ordering a bouquet of flowers to her work as a surprise. When I arrived home I was treated to a candle lit dinner decorated with valentines balloons and confetti. Valentine’s Day to me is a day of showing the one you love affection, admittedly you should do this every day but sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder”

Chloe Bain (Influencer)

Instagram: @chloebain_

“For Valentine’s this year I was single and completely ok with that. I just chilled, had some me time, watched Netflix and ate loads of food. Valentine’s doesn’t mean much to me to be honest, it’s just another day. Every day is a day for love and to be appreciated. It is cute seeing people in relationships with their pics and gifts though!”

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