7 Favourite Ways To Celebrate Women’s History Month


Words by Emily Nardini

In the midst of Women’s History Month, UV wanted to collate a list of what we thought were sassy ways to celebrate the month of being an incredible woman!

  1. Read a feminist book by a woman

Reading can really clear the mind and gain knowledge which is powerful. It’s even a positive gap filler or better way to end your night. ‘What A Time To Be Alone’ by Chidera Eggerue is a personal go to – she’s even sold out on major platforms!


  1. Read inspiring quotes from women

We all love quotes that give us that bit of inspiration when we’re feeling stuck. Quotes from inspirational women however are in a league of there own…

3. Learn about new women creatives

Women can do anything. Women have done so many firsts that we’ve never known. We live in a time where Social Media genuinely brings everyone together (the world doesn’t seem so big after all). So if you see a women creating like no other from illustrator to yoga instructor, give her a follow and support her story


  1. Empower fellow women

Women supporting women is what we’re all about. Empower your women friends, friends of friends, that woman’s make-up you think looks bomb and the list goes on as much as possible, you’ll never know when they need it most


  1. Watch a feminist based documentary

Watching a documentary based on the struggles we’ve faced as women or celebrating women is rewarding. It gives us facts we never knew and a new sense of pride of our womanhood. Netflix’s ‘Reversing Roe’ to Ted Talks, love the roots of being a woman


  1. Write yourself a love letter

Nothing is more satisfying than writing a love letter to yourself. It’s a massive step in the right loving yourself direction. Sometimes we focus too much on trying to be perfect when we should sit back, appreciate what we’ve accomplished and what we have


  1. Treat yourself

Yes, treat yourself! What better way to celebrate Women’s History Month or even everyday as everyday is women’s day than to treat yourself. Whether that is a self care me day or splash some cash on that cute underwear set that makes you feel like a little minx, do you!


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