#MeToo In Hip Hop: It’s Coming


Words by Emily Nardini

My partner in crime Samara definitely inspired this UV post. Thank you girl…

#MeToo in Hip Hop is on the rise. The most notable rise yet which we discussed in UV’s Podcast Episode 2 is R. Kelly. Due to the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, he is on trial under investigation for his abuse towards females. Even though #MeToo is on the rise, R. Kelly was hiding in plain sight his whole career from early 90’s until now. Almost 30 years later and these girls are only getting justice

Tarana Burke, #MeToo Founder, visited the ladies from Love & Hip Hop: Miami to share their #MeToo stories. Tarana had nothing less than powerful words for all the amazing women that were in attendance. The link below is the full episode. Get ready to get your empathy on…


“This thing tried to kill us, and it failed. And we are living proof. It fails and this work is about making sure it fails everyday. You have to wake up everyday and say I’m gon’ live. I’m gon’ live” – Tarana Burke

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