Ultravenus Stands In Solidarity With Munroe Bergdorf

Words by Sian Irvine


Some days ago, in our latest article, I alluded to the fact that Ultravenus favourite Munroe Bergdorf had been announced as Childline and the NSPCC’s latest appointment as their very first LGBTQ+ ambassador. This seemed like such a huge and important step, particularly during Pride Month. This year, we have already seen the murder of at least 5 Trans sisters in the USA, whilst government statistics in the UK state that 41% of the Trans community have been victims of hate crime because of their gender identity in the last 12 months, and almost half (48%) of Trans people in the UK have attempted suicide at least once, with almost double that (84%) having considered it.

With this in mind, it seemed that Munroe’s appointment to Childline and the NSPCC could not have come at a better time. Young members of the LGBT+ community are vulnerable, even more vulnerable than others of their age who are not part of the community, and it seemed logical and progressive to appoint someone who has been through all of this and come out the other side fighting, to help those in need.

But this was not to be. Mere hours after announcing her appointment, Munroe was the victim of a vicious online attack by TERF journalist Janice Turner, who suggested that Childline and the NSPCC would lose donations after hiring a ‘porn model’. As a result, the NSPCC issued a statement that read as follows:

‘Munroe Bergdorf has supported the most recent phase of Childline’s campaign which aims to support children with LGBTQ+ concerns. Munroe has been referred to as a Childline Ambassador. At no point has she been an Ambassador for the Charity. She will have no ongoing relationship with Childline or the NSPCC. The NSPCC does not support, endorse or authorise any personal statements made by any celebrities who contribute to campaigns. Childline is available to children without condition to provide support whatever the nature of their concerns’.

This is, at best, concerning. Munroe issued a statement in return, in which she rightly pointed out that she had ‘never shot porn in my life, [secondly] demonising those who do isn’t okay either’.

This is not the first time Munroe has been the victim of transphobic abuse, each and every time in the public eye- from the panel show regarding the Channel 4 documentary ‘GenderQuake’, to her appointment of LGBT+ spokesperson for the Labour party (a role which she stepped down from for this very reason).

However, this situation is the tip of the iceberg for a much bigger problem. By bowing to transphobic peer pressure, the NSPCC are siding with the aggressor, and pledging their allegiance to TERFs. This is a charity who pledge that they support ‘every child’- and yet, are so quick to drop one of the UK’s most prolific Trans activists, giving the most flimsy of reasons. All this, and they have the audacity to use the Pride flag in their Twitter avatar.

Trans children are in danger, and need to be protected. It is our duty to protect them, and be allies- NSPCC I am here talking directly to you. By dropping Munroe in such a  tactless manner, you are sending a clear message to the Trans youth that you are not for them. That they are other. That they do not matter. In other words, reinforcing exactly which is putting them in danger in the first place. It is a sad, shameful, and sorry state of affairs – particularly as the charity’s very own statistics state that in the last 12 months alone there has been over 6000 calls from young people regarding gender identity.

As always, Ultravenus stands firmly with Munroe. We also stand firmly with all members of the Trans community. If anyone is in need, we urge you to reach out to us at ultravenus.magazine@gmail.com

You are valid. You are important. You are loved.

Love from,

Ultravenus x

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