UV’s Favourite Podcasts

Words by Sian Irvine

In January, we decided to expand the Ultravenus empire by starting our very own monthly podcast, which you can listen to here, on our Soundcloud.

I was inspired to create our podcast from my own love of the medium. There are so many amazing, interesting, insightful and funny podcasts out there which I love, so today I thought I’d give you a run-down of some of UV’s favourites.

  1. The Savage Lovecast


In this advice-column style podcast, Dan Savage gives his frank guidance to people who call in with their issues. However, this is no Dear Deirdre. Savage, a polyamorous, queer stoner, gets asked the most outlandish questions, covering everything from self proclaimed ‘sex pigs’ to being outed, and all that’s in between. This podcast is at times funny, at times heartwarming, all the time wild and mindblowing – great if you’re LGBT+ or an Ally, all round an extremely interesting listen – one that will undoubtedly broaden your horizons.

The Savage Lovecast releases a new episode every Tuesday.

  1. The Receipts


Your girl Tolly T, Audrey formerly known as Ghana’s Finest, and your mamcita Milena Sanchez – 3 ladies who now feel like 3 of my best friends, run The Receipts. A frank and honest pop-culture podcast which deviates every other week to a dilemma’s minisode, The Receipts covers issues that affect young women- particularly young Black and Ethnic Minority women- and creates a safe space for voices to be heard and listened to. As of this week, The Receipts is exclusive to Spotify- something which makes me so happy, as these girls honestly deserve all of their accolades, and it feels like when they win, we all do. Frank, quick-witted and entertaining, The Receipts is definitely not one to miss.

The Receipts releases a new episode every Wednesday- exclusively on Spotify.

  1. Laid Bare


Another win for sex positivity, Laid Bare is brought to us by award-winning sex blogger Oloni, author and blogger Shakira ‘Scotty’ Scott, and bad B model and presenter SJ. Debunking myths, exploring the broad spectrum of sexuality and answering dilemma’s ‘Ask Oloni’ style, Laid Bare is a refreshing take on sex education that we all need, even as adults.

  1. Katie Piper’s Extraordinary People


Katie Piper is the queen of overcoming adversity, having survived a horrific and brutal attack by her ex-boyfriend – which included him attacking her with acid. After a long and difficult recovery, she now uses her experiences to empower other people. Her podcast, ‘Extraordinary People’, is an open conversation with a different person each episode. Each person featured has also overcome some kind of adversity. This is a hugely inspirational and uplifting listen, featuring conversations with other survivors of acid attacks, members of the transgender community, foster parents and more. An incredibly feel-good listen which will leave you inspired and ready to change the world. Katie Piper’s Extraordinary People releases a new episode every Friday.

  1. Distraction Pieces


Scroobius Pip is a legendary wordsmith, and a firm favourite at UV- we spoke a lot about him on our poetry podcast episode. Distraction Pieces holds a really special place in my heart, as it was something I listened to during a really dark time to, quite literally, distract me.

Pip has some incredible guests on the show, including This is England director Shane Meadows, spoken word artist Kate Tempest, and Game of Thrones star Lena Headey, who twist and turn through a solid hour (minimum) of often inspiring, deep and thought provoking conversation. Distraction Pieces is great if you’re in need of some creative inspiration, life motivation or just curious to listen to some great conversation. Distraction Pieces releases a new episode every Wednesday.

  1. Have You Heard George’s Podcast?


George the Poet rose to prominence with his single ‘Cat D’ which was released in February 2015. Spoken word artist, musician, activist and Cambridge graduate George creates thought provoking material, which tackles themes such as the housing crisis, austerity, and growing up as a young black man on North West London’s estates. His latest venture is his podcast, ‘Have You Heard George’s Podcast’, which marries poetry, social activism and podcasting beautifully. At The British Podcast Awards 2019 it picked up no less than 5 podcasts, so this one is definitely worthy of a listen. I find this to be a very meditative podcast, bouncing between talking and poetry, so best listened to as dusk sets in, with a few candles and a glass of wine. Have You Heard George’s Podcast currently has 8 episodes available in the first series.

  1. The UVPodcast


I couldn’t post an article about podcasts without giving UV a little shoutout. We are so proud of how far we have come with this, and we love every single person who gives us a listen. For those of you who haven’t checked out the #UVPodcast yet, we do a monthly pop-culture round up, addressing the things that make us happy, sad, angry, excited, and everything in between. So far we have spoken on topics such as: Pride, Grenfell, poetry, photography, mental health, our favourite shows on Netflix, domestic violence, girls we love, men we hate, our favourite cartoon characters and so much more. Our combined passion is empowering women and smashing boundaries, and that’s exactly what we aim to do in our podcast as well. If this sounds like something you’re into, give us a listen. #UVPodcast releases a new episode on the last day of every month.


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