A Recent Collection of The Slumflower’s Realest Tweets

Words by Emily Nardini

Here on UV – you know we ride for every single woman, but a couple will stand out on our platform so our audience are navigated in the UV direction of who we look up to. Chidera Eggerue aka The Slumflower is long overdue a blog post on UV (especially as she is one of our favs alongside Munroe). A quick run down on The Slumflower if you’ve not heard or seen all our shout outs to the GOAT – she’s basically a self-love icon for all us queens. She’s a divine goddess who tells it like it is, straight to the point blank, periodt. She started the #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER movement and shares her proud feminist wisdom whenever she can – she has even written the ultimate independent woman bible ‘What A Time To Be Alone’ (which is a UV gem to our hearts). My unique experience with The Slumflower is that she mentally dragged me out of ‘pick me’ behaviour I once had (she speaks a lot about that, watch her space) and made me see my full worth. That’s her goal, for ladies to see their glorious potential on their own – no man, friends, social media, whatever – you and your potential only! We love The Slumflower wherever she is, but personally UV resonates with her Twitter as she drops truth bombs like her life is dependent on it. She shares a piece of herself that we need to be grateful for as these lessons can’t be taught by no other. Is The Slumflower what you need? Like the water you drink. We thought it was only appropriate to highlight her most recent, always authentic tweets for anyone who is new to the fabulous in every way being that is The Slumflower, love you girl!!!


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