It’s Hard Out Here For A Feminist

Words by Emily Nardini


Is it hard to live up to the expectations of being a feminist? Hell yeah. Can the expectations be unrealistic? Fucking right!


The feminism examples of Stranger Things where Eleven has her first girl friend bonding experience to Big Little Lies when all the ladies come together after an abusive partner tries to have his way are outstanding. Applauding and you know why? Their actresses!

The reality TV of Love Island, one day everyone will praise how Amber dealt with Michael/Anna having the girls backs over the guys/Maura doing what she believes in to the very next day completely tearing them down! Not cool. If you ever go down a Love Island tweeter’s timeline, you’ll see contradictory at its finest. This is life (Love Island might have some edited bits for our entertainment, but you get the jist of what I’m saying) – life is a road of classy imperfections for a feminist or a female simply embracing girl power!

Feminists are humans too. We are prone to make errors. Even the fem icon, The Slumflower, wanted to go on a date without getting her cover blown (sorry for repeating girl, we love you!)

UV always ask “what does feminism mean to you?” and our answer is essentially always the same, but we may answer differently each time. Feminism has a black and white purpose of equality, but feminism is colourful and imperfection is apart of that. Without imperfection, there would be no room for growth


Cheers to classy imperfections, it’s hard out here for a feminist!

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