Why did Netflix cancel Tuca and Bertie?

Words by Emily Nardini

Straight to the point and I know my mourning post is a bit late, but why Netflix? It was fem-nomenal and you decided to pull the plug after airing only one season. Am I slightly heart broken Tuca & Bertie, the sassiest and out of these world birds to have ever graced the female adult animation universe, that Season 2 isn’t coming anytime soon or maybe even at all? Yes. Slightly is also an understatement

Not only is it hilarious with its modern surreal wit, it covered real to dark issues us almost 30/30’s girl’s experience all too much. Hilariously relatable one would say. From career minded Bertie questioning her stability with Speckle to quirky Tuca having to take some accountability in her ‘free as a bird’ life. I obviously won’t give too much away as want you UV fans to watch it yourself so you know what I’m talking about!

If you think UV are being OTT about the cancellation of Tuca & Bertie, we aren’t the only ones. Hashtags got created, petitions got made, known brands expressed their disappointment of Netflix (even Netflix has an algorithm problem) and it all equals overall, a loss for television. Critics even made statements saying Tuca & Bertie was one of the best new shows in 2019

The creator of Tuca & Bertie, Lisa Hanawalt, is also the creator of BoJack Horseman and other adult animation series. I of course an adult animation fan like both shows, but Tuca & Bertie was truly made for us women and I genuinely hope Season 2 is upon us (speak it into existence)!!!

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