Female Music Artists with a Fem Plan

Words by Emily Nardini


UV loves a good playlist. Especially with fem women richly vocalising their voices. Feminism is at the click of your mobile through your head phones and we’re here for it. Here’s a mini UV list of empowering women in music you need to download their latest work. Give your ears the orgasm they deserve!


Miraa May

Algerian Tottenham proud singer-songwriter Miraa May is creating a buzz for herself since the release of ‘Angles’ featuring JME and her ‘Dark’ EP. However, what is music to UV’s ears is the artist speaking on topics like mental health and politics. Interviews with Gal-Dem Magazine (big up Gal-Dem!) show a side of Miraa May the public can’t ignore with the whole interview based on Miraa encouraging young people to be vocal on political agendas and to not be ‘woke’ just for Social Media which UV can fully back. She gives full explanations of her songs on the latest soothing EP, ‘No Shame’ being a go to – “Won’t chase a man ‘cause I’m a money chaser” is what every female needs to hear. Miraa, keep on keeping on!


Jamila Woods

Chicago American singer Jamila Woods is a soulful rapper poet who specialises in black feminism/history, self-definition and her city. She rose to recognition musically with her feature on Chance The Rapper’s ‘Sunday Candy’ but her latest album ‘Legacy! Legacy!’ is where the real fem commotion is at. Clearly passionate for young individuals to express ‘unapologetic self-love’ – her album took UV by complete surprise. The greatness of her music is that she wants to teach you to gain future knowledge, but voices the past so you don’t forget the great ones before yourself. Jamila wants to make a difference and she definitely is the difference. On her latest work, she titles the songs of whom inspire her. My personal fav song if I had to pick only one is ‘MUDDY’ which is about overall staying true to your roots in moments where the public does not want you to use your voice. Always throw respect on Jamila’s name!



Mahalia is certainly making fem waves. English singer from Leicester, she’s no stranger to music as she’s been on the scene since 13. Now 21, the lovely songwriter has a few R&B songs we all know referring to men not being her main priority and the title of the album speaks for itself. ‘Simmer’ being a popular car jam for ladies around the UK, I just want to rotate and turn my hips when I hear the lyrics – “Just know I’m gonna call you if I need you, it’s not my job to please you, no”. Being a millennial, she knows what the listeners want remixing 00’s songs such as ‘Oh Boy’ by Cam’ron featuring Ella Mai remaining the fem twist – “baby, me and you are done” literally singing to all whom listen ‘know your worth’. Her Instagram is also inspiring to UV, expressing on her platform continuously to “100% be yourself, everybody is beautiful and ambition/being kind is the only goals”. Mahalia, you’re fem-sational!

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