UV’s Unusual Halloween Outfit Picks

Words by Emily Nardini

Do feminism and Halloween go hand in hand? UV says yes it can! Enough with the cheesiness, Halloween is a fun time of the year. Dress up to the nines, party late, drink lots, eat sweets without care and watch scary films we may not usually watch unless it was the ‘boo!’ holiday. We’ve seen the Harley Quinn’s and sexy half dead playboy bunnies fabulously flaunting their stuff in recent October years. UV is going to touch on some unusual Halloween outfits that may catch your attention…

J. Lo ‘Jenny From The Block

The public love a J. Lo iconic look. Most notably, that Versace green dress e.g. the real ‘Breaking The Internet’ Queen. I’m sure we could pick a dozen J. Lo looks (J. Lo ‘I’m Real’ w/Ja Rule to white bandana/white boob tube/white flares w/Diddy), but an unusual look would be Jenny From The Block! So soft glam, however you’d know it was J. Lo making an entrance. The outfit is easily achievable (don’t be fooled by the rocks that she has) by just buying all beige clothing consisting of a mesh top, loose fitting cargos and knitted winter cap. Don’t forget the super classic ‘J. Lo Timberland Heels’ (so popularly worn by J. Lo, the heeled boots are pretty much named after her) to complete the ensemble. Who wouldn’t want to dress as the Latina Powerhouse for Halloween?!

Exercise Barbie

In the Museum of Childhood, you will see Exercise Barbie. When I seen Exercise Barbie, my first thought was “I want her outfit.” What a perfect opportunity to bedazzle your assets in a bright disco blue unitard. Being a massive American Apparel fan, seeing a shiny leotard gives me a serious case of the heart eyes. Exercise Barbie is from a line of many strong Barbie’s. Showing young girls ‘you can be whatever you want to be.’ Work out this Halloween…wear a blue, red, gold, silver, hot pink or emerald green disco unitard, sporty spice headband, fluorescent 80’s leg warmers w/trainers and get your Exercise Barbie on!


Yes, you heard UV, a Pencil. Some individuals on Halloween get really creative. Have you ever seen anyone dress up as Hot Sauce? I have. Anyways, back to the Pencil outfit. First of all, it’s too cute. Little pencil party hat, what seems to be a tight yellow stretchy jersey mini dress and cute heels. The more simplistic the Halloween outfit, the better at times. The Pencil costume comes from a family called The Mindells where the Mama dresses as the Pencil and her son as the Eraser (you seeing the pattern of cuteness overload here?!) So, how is a Pencil connected to feminism? Silly question, as the answer is down to Earth like the outfit itself. Behind every amazing book/poetry/music/speech/drawing/etc. a woman created, there was a pencil at the start of the thought process. So shout out to Mama Mindell for being one sexy Pencil!

One thought on “UV’s Unusual Halloween Outfit Picks

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