The UV Woman’s Guide to Buying a Home

Words by Emily Nardini


I don’t personally know many women who have bought their own house without their partner, inheritance or Daddy (take that how you want, winkity wink wink) in the picture. I am spoken for, however I was and still am in a position of saving money for a mortgage deposit before the relationship and definitely have the upper hand money wise living at home whilst they rent. Big up every woman out there renting or whatever your situation is also – hopefully your spot is your bird’s nest!

According to BBC News stats, I can’t afford to buy a property in Wiltshire. But, NatWest says otherwise (thanks NatWest honey) and I still haven’t spoken to a Mortgage Broker yet. BBC News – give our generation hope and configure your stats again. I’ve beat the statistic – so can you ladies!

My honest journey so far is that I had my first viewing not that long ago. Still looking as well. Let me tell you, it isn’t smooth sailing. Tears of joy and stress. You think somewhere is going to be ‘the one’ and it isn’t quite there. You have a budget and getting that dreamy place feels further each time by then noticing “oh, all the windows need replacing.” I can’t wait to put the graft in for fresh laminate floors, lick of paint and what not. My main issue what I’m coming across is storage. Lovely flat, no storage. Lovely home, no storage. Where do I put my hoover Karen from Richard’s James? Is the future baby going to sleep in the living room Steve from Castles? – (not real people, all of you Estate Agents have been stars.) Were new builds built by someone who had pink eye? I don’t want my sofa touching my kitchen cabinet after paying an extra 3k a year maintenance fees to live here (ridiculous fee – don’t pay that.) 2 bed flats to 3 bed homes with garden later, the properties are endless but what property is going to benefit my future? UV has compiled some helpful tips…

1. Think ‘your forever home’

Do not get that cute little 1 bed flat if you want kids. Do not get that 3 bed palace if there is no need for all that space as you’re single and costs a bomb more. You obviously have an idea of what you want and us women shouldn’t have to compromise. So keep going until ‘it’s just right.’ Once you see more properties, you’ll definitely get a feel for what you’re looking for even more so. Don’t let the cosmetic of a property fool you, think space. Think longevity. Think affordability of doing the basics renovation wise. If you have quirks, you’ll naturally be attracted to properties that have something different about them. Some of the properties I’ve seen are converted offices, church, school and even a barn house! I love to mix retro with modern, so get a variety of properties to glance at

2. Don’t be afraid to negotiate

Confidence is a stain Estate Agent’s can’t wipe off. Being a first time buyer, you’re favourable. They want you to make an offer. They want that sale. You are in control. You think a property is out of your budget? It isn’t. Have you been to Camden Market? They try to sell you glasses for £20 when really there worth a fiver or less. Have the same mind set when searching and viewing certain properties. See something you don’t like but can fix? Ask for price off. As an Estate Agent once told me, “be cheeky”

3. Prep for your new journey

Prep, prep and prep away girl. Start that saving at 25 (live responsibility free your early 20’s for sure.) I started saving seriously at 26, bit more seriously at 27-28 and now at 29…I’m here! When you finally get that dream pad, you have a baby home you’re responsible for. All that money that went on ASOS will now be Ikea and you won’t look back. A place to be truly you. Your home could be filled with babies or a business, but it’ll definitely be filled with self love. Imagine 10 years time your property going up in value that you invested into the humble abode? How amazing!

UV wants you girls to get your golden egg of a house. Some women have even brought more properties (7!!!) since their first £160k starter home a few years ago. Is that next girl property owner boss you?

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