UV’s To-Read List


Words by Emily Nardini

So before we start off, UV just want to say we are massive fans of the Diving Bell Group. Why is Diving Bell Group relevant towards the To Read List you want to share upon us you may ask? This is because Diving Bell Group is the wonderful agency for all the powerful females we are going to speak about, that’s why (big up Diving Bell Group for representing real women with vision who want real change!) Some of the fem-tastic women have wrote novels in the past and all have future novels you can cop early next year (UV can’t wait to get their copies!) Let UV crack on telling you why to get these fem-spirational novels on the go. You don’t want to miss out, truly…

The Slumflower – How To Get Over A Boy

UV is extremely aware we mention the beautiful Chidera Eggerue a lot and we are not prepared to slow down I’m afraid (not sorry at all) especially as her newest book is coming very soon! If you follow UV/The Slumflower, there’s no introduction needed (check out our ‘A Recent Collection of The Slumflower’s Realest Tweets’ blog post for an intro) – you already know about her compelling and best selling self-love book ‘What A Time To Be Alone’. She now has ‘How To Get Over A Boy’ gracing our presence in Feb 2020 staying consistently strong with her theme. The Slumflower’s journey is to show women of all ages that men are not the prize and we are 100% certain this book is all about that message. Why should a man be a woman’s sole purpose of life? For generations, us women have been conditioned to think this way from back in our grandparent’s days to 90’s R&B love songs. The Slumflower says that stops now!

Florence Given – Women Don’t Owe You Pretty

This bombshell’s artwork used to float about on Instagram before realising it was indeed, Florence Given’s work. The artwork is fem-pleasing to the eye, showing caricature ladies in their natural ‘IDGAF’ forms with strong sayings such as “Stop Raising Him He’s Not Your Son” to really make you think. Her artwork has expanded to merchandise with myself currently rocking the phone case “I AM THE LOVE OF MY OWN LIFE”. Above merchandise, she’s also written her own book due April 2020 – ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’. What’s this fem book about? Well, again, women not owing men shit! But, touching on subjects like rape culture, queer dating advice, how to spot emotional abuse and the list goes on even highlighting her own experiences with it all. This is Florence’s debut book and we can’t wait to give it our UV undivided attention!

Emma Gannon – The Multi-Hyphen Life and Olive

UV are going to be extremely honest and admit we’ve not heavily followed fem savvy Emma Gannon’s work until now, but when passing her IG we seem to have a lot in common with her interest wise. She’s a writer, podcaster and businesswomen…what’s not to love?! She has a popular ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’ podcast that UV can’t wait to get their eargasm on with. ‘The Multi-Hyphen Life’ book with the saying ‘Work Less, Create More and Design a Life That Works for You’ on the cover which is out early next year stateside is something we can totally get behind. Also her novel, ‘Olive’, out June 2020 is about Olive’s growing up milestones overall and the taboo of women choosing not to have children. They both seem equally good fem reads and now we really can’t wait to get our read on in 2020 after all this girl book talk!

UV are now just patiently waiting for the Goddess Munroe to release a novel! Let’s manifest that for the new year everyone…

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