Guess Who’s Back? Tinashe’s Back

Words by Emily Nardini

Back again, the songstress Tinashe has re-arrived full throttle in the R&B game just in time for 2020. She’s taking her spot, but where did she even go?! UV’er’s, here’s our take on the singer-songwriter’s music journey on how she got to ‘Songs for You’ and why she’s here to stay

Long story short, Tinashe got widely known for the solid single ‘2 On’ – but she’s so much more than that hitting the early 00’s LA scene with acting roles and music before Aquarius dropped. She then notably released Nightride and Joyride all featuring big names in the music industry as well opening acts. She’s even done broadway. UV always bumped a Tinashe song without fail. But, where did it slow down for Tinashe?

For example, on YouTube there are videos titled…

‘The truth behind Tinashe’s failing career…’

‘Why Tinashe Is So Underrated’

‘Understanding Tinashe: A Fallen R&B Star’

As well as searched online articles alike. Apparently she had no creative control at the time with all the albums before her latest album with her label at the time, so she found it a positive split when she went Independent

Since then, ‘Songs for You’ went to number one on the iTunes Album Chart. She seems over the moon to be able to really connect with her fans and truly be herself creatively. Even showing her artistic side with painting on her Instagram recently

UV are happy Tinashe has the music freedom that she’s craved. She’s blossoming beautifully  into the authentic individual she’s destined to be and we can’t wait to see what else is up her creative sleeve. Having listened to the go getta’s latest work start to finish, we know she’s going to thrive this year. We hope you UV’er’s give Tinashe’s ‘Songs for You’ a genuine listen, UV always respects a talented woman who builds herself back up!

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