Underrated Singers of Instagram

Words by Emily Nardini

We are quite lucky to be apart of a generation that can use our charm to hustle on Social Media. However, everyone who isn’t shy to put the graft in is doing so. Whether you’re a model, photographer, you name it…we are all just out here in this world doing what we love, trying to get the recognition we deserve amongst the big fish. What’s wonderful about the creative process is growth. For example, you can be a model building up a following to really showcase your true passion of being a DJ. UV loves fellow creatives and are friends with many of them. We want to focus on the underrated singers of Instagram as know their craft is lengthy…songwriting to recording to outfits to music videos to live performances, the list legit goes on! We felt like these singers needed a bit of extra shine on their names to get more of the Instagram public checking their music out this year…


Jes Faye – @jesfaye_music

Lights camera action, stunning model Jes Faye has such an angelic voice. Once glamour model, Jes Faye has 2 sensually loving singles out – ‘Someday’ and ‘My Baby’. UV thinks if you’re into soft melodies, you’re definitely going to want to check out this gem’s music. Modelling to make a name for herself, you have to be in awe of this girl’s grind to get to where she is now as she pours out her soul in every song. She’s now showing everyone her naked self through her music and doing it beautifully!


Blithe Saxon – @blithesaxon

Verified singer Blithe is what Gwen Stefani means by ‘bubble pop electric’ because her sound has spark. Her 2019 singles have proven to be hit worthy – ‘Masochistic’ followed by ‘Bad’ then the popular ‘Becoming You’ at 119k views currently on YouTube with the music video showing Blithe dancing alluringly in a stunning blue ensemble. She even has an EP released ‘Don’t Blink’ for one to give their attention to. The singer is going from strength to strength with her career and UV can picture Blithe continuously winning!


Jess Clover – @jessclover/@wertemptress

She is half of the collective Temptress (R&B duo – both uniquely talented singers/producers which goes without saying). UV first discovered Jess via Complex UK premiering the indie’s group video for ‘Secret’. The videos for ‘Naked’ and ‘Paradise’ with Paradise being the most recent single to be released are also all youthfully impacting. Paradise has rightfully premiered on BBC Radio 1xtra. Temptress are even official with their own VEVO channel on YouTube. Having past recognition with The FADER, Wonderland Magazine and recent interview with Fred Perry Subculture – their leaving their foot prints on the music scene!


Camille Munn – @camille.munn

Camille has one hell of a soulful voice and she looks out of this world. With her mesmerising look (which gets captured a lot by @sirius.film), she’s graced high end campaigns/magazines (Gucci to name one) and music videos (Burna Boy to name drop again). She has lots of IG clips teasing her followers with her lavender soothing vocals, so when she finally released ‘Eighteen’ – UV knew we were in for a sweet treat. She has kept her music true to the vibe she embraces and hope to see more from the London cherub!

We hope you UV’er’s search these flourishing ladies as every click of their song helps. We promise you’ll be delighted!

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