Fem Thrills for Shrill

Words by Emily Nardini

When you look up the word ‘Shrill’ – it’s defined as high-pitched and piercing. ‘Shrill’ is a fem-witty comedy series that UV have watched currently on BBC iPlayer. We can totally see why the programme has the given name of ‘Shrill’ – a high-pitched and piercing voice demanding equality? Yes, yes and yes again boo…

Mini review of ‘Shrill’ – ‘Shrill’ is about Annie, a plus-sized gal who wants to be the best version of herself but she’s happy with her shape (to the dismay of what society thinks). An aspiring journalist juggling the everyday struggles of life – crap boyfriend, un-well parents and nit-picky boss. Through out all the loving chaos, she realises – she’s one badass bitch. She Lizzo’s on everybody. Annie’s direct attitude/humour will have you loving her every move. Also fem-witty characters and situations, this isn’t a cliche show to be ignored – so get involved. It’s already receiving positive reviews from The Guardian and Vogue – “big, fat delight” Guardian has said whilst Vogue is feeling the growth of the character’s development. Not to mention, the fashion is on point (give me a ‘Shrill’ wardrobe honey)

Short and sweet, this is why UV have fem thrills for ‘Shrill’!

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