5 Underrated Bops that Celebrate Women

Words by Sian Irvine

Happy International Women’s Month!

To kick off this month’s celebrations, UV wanted to share some of our absolute favourite tunes at the moment which big up women everywhere! Grab a cuppa and stick these on your playlist. Prepare to feel empowered!

  1. Anderson Paak ft Brandy – Jet Black

This song truly feels like summer, and honestly I’m obsessed with it at the moment. Anderson Paak is known for his unique vocals and funky beats, and this song certainly doesn’t disappoint. UV loves Paak’s sheer admiration of the woman’s beauty who he is singing about, and we are also entirely sure that this tune will get you moving on the dancefloor.

  1. Empress Of – Woman is a Word

This song is powerful. From the unusual use of cow bell to the repetitive lyrics, it almost sounds like a witchy chant or spell… which UV loves, obviously. The song makes several points, from the subjective experience of perception, to the way in which men and women each explore sexuality (‘I’m always coming on the inside/when you come, when you come on the outside’) – a double entendre, referencing both the female/male orgasm and also the way in which women are often shamed for their sexuality, whereas men are generally not only encouraged but expected to be sexual beings.

  1. Jacob Collier ft Daniel Ceasar – Time Alone with You

Another insanely funky tune, UV is definitely having a moment with a wicked bassline at the moment. Jacob Collier, a 25 year old producer from London, has teamed up with the now-legendary Daniel Ceasar to create this upbeat bop which is simply about the joy of spending time with someone you care about. What UV loves is that the songwriter clearly thinks his lady is the ish – ‘Who’s that? The most beautiful girl in the whole wide world, and she’s mine, all mine!’-aww!!!

  1. Banks – Goddess

Banks is one of Sian’s all time fave artists, and this one of the best songs by her. ‘Goddess’ is a tune of total empowerment. Telling a story of a woman, the Goddess, having been completely under appreciated by her partner, the song laments the end of the relationship from the male’s perspective – ‘now you gotta live with this glitch on your shoulder’ – he is now left mourning the relationship that, ultimately, he ruined. This is definitely one for any heartbroken ladies out there- remember that YOU are a Goddess!!

  1. The Internet – Girl

The best thing about this song is that it is written by a woman, for a woman – a trajectory which is severely underrepresented in music, and indeed, society. Songwriter Syd is bigging up her Girl the whole way through the song – and indeed, bigging up herself as well. Because why not?!

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