The UV Guide to Staying Inside

Words by Siân Irvine

Illustrations by Tishk Barzanji

Let’s face it, life is weird right now. Self isolation is not something we have not experienced before, and many of us are unsure of how to do it “properly”.

So… welcome to THE UV GUIDE TO STAYING INSIDE. Our guide on how to not only stay sane, but thrive in isolation!

1. KEEP MOVING. Good for the mind, body and soul- move in any way you can. There are tonnes of apps offering free membership at the moment, such as GymShark for home HIIT workouts, and DownDog for yoga. Joe Wicks (@thebodycoach) is offering video workouts on YouTube, and many local wellness businesses have taken their classes online, such as the wonderful @zentingzyoga, @sarvangayogawokingham, and @elenadacova. Also, anyone who follows me on Instagram will know that I’ve discovered the wonderful world of Triller, which has me shaking a leg daily and nourishing my soul with dance!

2. VIRTUAL HANGOUTS. What a perfect time to hang out with friends, right?! Of course, with social distancing measures in place, we can’t pop down the pub like we used to- but nothing’s stopping us from getting a few drinks in and getting lit on FaceTime! I also downloaded the Houseparty app, which allows you to chat with several people at once. Kind of a cool concept! Also, as we discussed in the podcast last week, use of dating apps has surged- perfect opportunity to hang out virtually, get to know someone and weed out unserious candidates.

3. GET CREATIVE. That painting, book or project you’ve been meaning to start for ages? Start it now. We have to get comfortable with being by ourselves, and one of the best ways I have found to do this is to throw yourself into something you are passionate about. Using this time wisely is great for mental health, and getting to the end of the day feeling like you’ve accomplished something, something YOU have conceptualised no less, is an unbeatable feeling.

4. BOOK CLUB. This one is an amazing idea from my dear friend Phoebe, who has set up a WhatsApp group for a virtual book/film club amongst a group of us. Organise what you are watching and when- a time that suits everyone- and get together afterwards to discuss! Again lovely to do with a few gins.

5. VIRTUAL TOURS. From Frida Kahlo’s blue house in Mexico City to the V&A and Edinburgh Zoo, many establishments have created online virtual tours to keep the mind sharp. What better way to explore from the comfort of your own home…

6. ONLINE LEARNING. Another one I have Phoebe to credit for! She sent me this amazing link to Ivy League courses you can do for free online. There’s something for everyone, so definitely worth a look.

7. LIFE DRAWING. I literally can’t shut up about Anti Diet Riot Club and how great they are, and now is no exception. ADRC have set up a schedule of activities, including life drawing (Riot Club style). Find the schedule on their Instagram.

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