Cam Girls to Stars

Words and photography by Emily Nardini

It’s 2020 and I believe the taboo of girls choosing cam work as their main source of income and not slaving away at an office job is fading (UV would like to think so anyways especially as we have to stay at home at the moment, like do you want to sell insurance over the phone forever?) Coming from a glamour model atmosphere, UV love when women show off what their Mama gave them. Cam work gives you a high amount of money you could never get working Mon-Fri, 9-5 (keep in mind you’ll do less shifts a week/the hrs you want overall, how liberating!) Cammers are ambitious girls next door. Some of the most known girls were once cam girls such as Megan Barton-Hanson (Public Figure), London Hughes (Comedian) and Numa Perrier (starred and directed Jezebel on Netflix). These empowered ladies had a goal in mind and had a plan to get there. But, their not the only ones, many IG models are webcam girls and loving life!

So what makes a cam girl a soon to be star? Is it easy being a cammer? It’s not as easy as people may think. You don’t just shake your butt in booty shorts into a cam for 20 mins and have 4k in your account that night (however I’m sure somewhere this has happened for a lucky couple of ladies!) You genuinely have to be quite strategic to how often you work, what hrs you work, what outfits you’re wearing and making watchers feel special to come back for more. The money also varies, everyone has good and bad days money wise regarding work – even cam girls. Essentially the main joy of cam work is the money and freedom. You’re not tied down to rules as you make your own, you don’t even have to leave your house! Especially if your passions lay elsewhere, cam work gives you the money to fulfil your passion and the time to do so too. Why should you have to go down the route of working what society labels as a ‘normal’ job to show everyone that you’re a ‘normal’ girl when quite frankly you should just do what the fuck you want as life is too short to be ‘normal’ anyways?!

UV has photographed this bubbly personality previously, so we’ve asked Lesca J who has OnlyFans (a great platform to be your own cam girl boss) what got her into this line of work…

“I was actually studying at uni, a degree in mental health. I had to go back the 2nd year to repeat 2 modules but didn’t go back to continue with studying as I was working 40 hours a week in a medium sec mental health unit. Months – a year later, I was chased up for student finance debt that failed to go through. They had been sending letters to my old address, I had no warning about any of this until the bailiff turned up requesting x amount of money and the remaining balance due within 30 days before attending high county court. I needed a quick way to earn money and pay the debt off fast. Once I had cleared the debt, I closed the webcam account and decided to continue with my job

Eventually deciding I had enough and decided I wanted to pursue my career in the adult industry having a taste of what could be…I decided to take the plunge, handed in my notice and started by creating social media platforms before signing up to OnlyFans. I was offered shoots that would help build my platforms/engagements and was working with world known photographers (Sixty6Mag, FHM Netherlands, DailyStar)

I am flexible to work from wherever in the world. I love to travel, explore different cultures and meet new people. This also gives me financial freedom in affording to travel and save for my future

I think you’ve got to go into this industry all or nothing. If you put 100% in, you’ll get 100% back. So many girls think they can just sign up and earn money instantly, it doesn’t work like that. It takes consistency and dedication. I think if you know what you want from it, it’s achievable. I see a future not in this industry but with the help of working in it now and building a foundation to get me to where I want to be. I love being my own boss, it’s the freedom. However you have to be strict on yourself, set routine and structure as working in this industry as much as a full time job it is – you do have a lot flexibility with time, so it’s important to use productivity for your own sanity

Any advice for girls who want to get involved – 

Take time in thinking if this is the industry you truly want to get into. Set yourself rules, limits of what you are willing to post because once you put the content out there – it’s out for life. Don’t just come into this industry thinking it’s a quick and easy way of earning, for some maybe luck. For others is a full time job and does take time in building a fan base, it’s taken me nearly 2 years to get to where I am today pushing my social media’s, grafting and hustling daily. Think about your future goals (will this career effect anything you want to do in the future?) Plan ahead what you want out of this, there is a shelf life in this industry (ok you could continue – there are many older women working in the adult industry) but life circumstances change as we get older…children, marriage. Personally it’s not something I’d go on and continue which is why I am setting goals of what I want from this, where I want to be by next year and what do I want from my future. It’s important. It’s also important to enjoy the process of working in this industry. I’ve seen so many people back and forth into working in this industry then sacking it in and returning again for the fix of money. Remember a healthy mindset is more important and if you can’t take the toll it may have on your mental health like I’ve seen some people then it’s not for you. You have to be thick skinned”

UV just thinks that if you want to be a cam girl…be a cam girl! UV are pro sex work (Dancers, Escorts and Sugar Babies – we love ya!) and there’s no shame in making an open minded living if it suits you. Make that money honey – F Corona!!!

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