Wynter Black – Tokyo

Words by Sian Irvine


UV loves a strong, passionate female with soothing, sultry vocals- so when we were introduced to Wynter Black we fell in love straight away.
Born in 1990 and based in the midlands, Wynter Black is an independent singer-songwriter with a fresh, vibrant sound. Last year, she gave us the singles “Retro Love” and “Appletree”, consecutively.

“Retro Love”, which gives us big summer energy vibes, is an upbeat, makes-you-want-to-go-bottomless-brunch-with-your-girls kind of bop. Think picnics in your local park, day parties in cute fits, riding your bike through the city- this is the soundtrack to your day!

Just as your sunny summer day of listening to “Retro Love” draws to a close, “Appletree” brings the evening in. A modern classic garage anthem, “Appletree” wouldn’t sound out of place on a beach in Ibiza, or even a warm night under the lights of London. The song screams of fruity cocktails and rose wine, and without a doubt, will make you want to dance. UV knows what we’ll be requesting on our first night out once lockdown is lifted!

Having moved from Africa to America to the UK, Wynter is a well travelled lady, and this is reflected in her new single “Tokyo”. Fusing dreamy, soft keys with a wicked bass line (our favourite), and a funky drum beat, “Tokyo” is the perfect vibe for these warm summer evenings we are slowly starting to welcome back into our lives.
Wynter’s vocals come in like a quiet storm, perfectly complimenting the melodic guitar riff that launches us into the body of the song. “Tokyo” gives us a contemporary nostalgic vibe- even as I’m listening, I’m dreaming of Tokyo, somewhere I’ve never even been!
The song is propelled into new depths as the layers of the funky bass fuse with the fresh-sounding drum beat, and Wynter’s vocal over the top gives us a young Ms Erykah Badu. The soul in her voice suggests age beyond her years- there is a beautiful huskiness to Wynter’s voice that conjures up visions of warm sunsets and drinks over cold ice. The quality of her voice is just effortless- melodic, gravely and yet pure.
The lyrics of the song are dreamy, carefree and yet somehow bittersweet. Wynter sings of sleeping with her blinds open, the light of the city beaming in from outside, but when she wants to escape she just closes her eyes…”and then I pretend I’m in Tokyo”. What with the UK (and the rest of the world) being in lockdown, the lyrics of “Tokyo” resonate particularly strongly. No one can go anywhere, even if we want to, so daydreaming of far flung places is really all we can do. “I escape in my head off to Tokyo- I just pretend I’m in Tokyo”. This is something we can all relate to right now!

Listening to new music in lockdown has truly been keeping us going over here at UV, and Wynter Black is up there with the best of what we have discovered. New single “Tokyo” is available now on all listening platforms- give it a listen and let us know what you think in the comments!


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