The SATC Way of Single

Words by Emily Nardini

Lockdown has me heavily invested in watching ‘Sex and The City’ seasons. Especially as a almost 30 year old single lady, this show hits home like never before. I’ve come to the conclusion I’m definitely a Carrie mixed in with Miranda whereas in my early 20’s I was a Samantha yearning to be a Charlotte. I’m buzzing I’m a Carrie/Miranda now in my present self love stage. Growth made me Carrie/Miranda. What does SATC have to do with being currently single? Um, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! What kind of single life do you strive for to the one you might have at the moment? There is mathematics to your single status with so many paths you can choose. You don’t have to stick to one journey, it’s your single journey. Make it the best for you. Don’t settle. Ever. You’re the prize. So, let’s explore the different rewards of being gifted single through the view of SATC…

The Carrie

Why is she ambitiously single? She cares more about shoes than guys. She cares more about her space than guys.  She cares more about her writing than guys. Are you seeing the pattern here? Carrie invests in herself first before even considering a flirt and witty conversation. She knows she’ll come out on the other side winning if she does, so the men may linger but the hair on the back of her neck stand up for HER

The Miranda

She just wants equality! She won’t deal with a half ass. Extreme cynical views on men from the jump, Miranda is career minded making boys intimidated through and through. She makes a whole point to be the first of the ladies to BUY her apartment. Be more like Miranda – fem from the get go and she holds no punches

The Samantha

Sex, sex and MORE SEX. Avoiding emotional involvement at all costs? The word ‘soul mate’ doesn’t exist in Samantha’s world. You’d be doing her the world of good leaving an hour after she climaxes so she can bask in the perfect evening of self love. What a time to be alone. “They don’t call it a job for nothing” – Samantha Jones

The Charlotte

Not lust for Charlotte, LOVE. Reserved and waiting for her knight in shining armour? She reads love books, speaks romance into existence and has every bit of faith she will get the traditional marriage/family. There’s nothing wrong with this picture. Just expectations not being met along the way until you find the one. Kiss a few frogs and all that. You’ll be reading ‘How To Get Over A Boy’ by Chidera Eggerue from all the twats in tinfoil. Fingers crossed for you if you do ‘The Charlotte’ and get your happily ever after

UV wants you to live your “I’m single!” statement proudly from now on. Truly indulge the single life because you may not ever get the opportunity again once you do ‘The Charlotte’ – tour ‘The Carrie’, ‘The Miranda’ and ‘The Samantha’. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy

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