The You’re Not F*cking Up Your 30’s List

Words by Emily Nardini

If you’re a 90’s baby – you were more than likely conditioned to think that life was all about doing well in school to get that perfect 9-5, finding true love, getting a house followed by marriage and kids. No baby no…I didn’t do well in school, I dislike my day job but love my side hustle, I’m buying a one bed flat, I obviously haven’t found the one so marriage and kids aren’t on the table yet. I’m 30 in September. My 20’s were some glam times, some not so glam times. We’re human. Some of us are even Lazy Susan (2020 comedy film). We aren’t all Beyoncé (there is only one after all). UV wants you to remember that instead of worrying about all the things that you shouldn’t be doing in your 30’s, positively focus on all the things that you should be doing. I know we preach self love 24/7, but it’s really the truth. Take. Care. Of. Yourself. Here’s UV’s ‘You’re Not F*cking Up Your 30’s’ List of 30 things you should do in your 30’s

  1. Staying active is priority
  2. Call your parents
  3. Manage your debt
  4. Quality over quantity with material possessions
  5. Use face moisturisers every single day
  6. Drink water
  7. Set boundaries with your personal relationships. Communication is key
  8. Learn how to cook/clean for yourself properly
  9. Show gratitude
  10. Stay informed
  11. Invest beyond savings
  12. Figure out what your personal style is
  13. Never compare yourself to anyone
  14. Make time for pampering
  15. Watch every season of Sex and the City
  16. Be good to the people you care about
  17. Pick a goal and get started
  18. Stop smoking
  19. Remember you don’t need to satisfy everyone
  20. Learn more
  21. Enjoy happy hours/sex (refer back to 15)
  22. Promote yourself
  23. Stop judging other people
  24. Travel
  25. Volunteer
  26. Learn how to drive
  27. Have or change your career path
  28. See your Doctor annually
  29. Learn to cope with stress

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