Jes Faye – In My Feelings

Words by Emily Nardini

Featured on UV previously (check out the ‘Underrated Singers of Instagram’ blog post) – Jes Faye continues her angelic vocals on her most recent single ‘In My Feelings’

If you don’t have the run down on this singer-songwriter gem, she was once a glamour model. She’s graced the pages of Sixty6, the front cover of Mayfair and even been in one of Giggs’ music videos

Now she’s all about making moves with her singing. With already out singles ‘Someday’ and ‘My Baby’, the latest ‘In My Feelings’ matches the soothing songs

The 2:52 minutes length video for the melody is sensual by nature. Jes Faye is at one with the beach. With a satin orange piece amongst the sand, natural beach hair and sun-kissed look…her soulfulness, tone and lyrics all belong together. If your ears want to get ‘gasm lost in sultry sound, the music video is also a day dream

“Baby remember your lips, start at the neck, go down to the hips” is a taste of Jes Faye’s true feelings

Like UV said, sensual by nature

New single ‘In My Feelings’ is available now on all major platforms – give it a listen and let us know what you think in the comments!

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