Locke Self-Care Living

Words and photography by Emily Nardini

2020 has been a sh*t show. Let’s not beat around the prickly bush. In this ‘unique’ time, we’ve all had ups and downs even more so. Relationships got better or didn’t survive. Safe jobs have gone or grafting more than ever. The one thing that we’ve all improved or neglected is self care

Recently I went to Bermonds Locke, Tower Bridge London (I got a lot of nice DM’s over the weekend asking so just in case anyone else was wondering). It’s an aparthotel (the room is half apartment and half hotel basically). Being more than just aesthetically pleasing, it meets all your cosy self care needs. I had an individual visit as was seeing our Eski the next day. So from 4pm to 11am the following day, my room was all mine. With Covid, it felt like a holiday. What did I do?

I watched what I wanted to watch!

From Soul America to Nora From Queens, documentary about 60’s-80’s journey of gospel/R&B to comedy about a 20-something woman in Queens…no one was there to say “boringgg” or “turn that off, let’s watch this instead”. It’s so relaxing to give your full concentration on a programme you really want to watch with no one in the background muttering in your ear drum

I drank what I wanted to drink!

Unlimited White Peach Gins? Yes please! Not having to think about my composure or a lecture of my choice of bev. I drank sensibly whilst enjoying my programmes anyhow because…I wanted to

I ate what I wanted to eat!

Patty & Bun. Two words. Yumtastic hoe. 2 burgers and 2 sets of fries to myself. I love grazing and having the option to eat until my hearts content. I don’t want to want for more (food wise). Better safe than sorry they say. Again, no judgement as, guess what…just me, myself and I honey

Along with all this – I took lots of pics, lounged around like a sloth and stayed up late. I made the ultimate backrest with the pillows I had in the comfiest white cotton sheets and I lavished myself with hibiscus shower gel in the blue tiled shower. You might be thinking, “well I can surely do all this at home?” Be real with yourself, unless you’re single and living alone, can you?

This weekend has provided me with the self care insight that I needed to be mentally prepared to live on my own and I absolutely cannot wait. I’m so lucky to have this priceless peace that others crave. If I ever have bad days alone, I’ll just simply ‘practice self care’ Bermonds Locke style

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