A Life Illustrated

Words and illustrations by Siân Irvine One thing that lockdown has taught me is that it’s never too late to try something new. When you have the time, the world is your oyster. I’ve found a passion for illustration and drawing during this time which has been massively keeping me afloat. Every day, every hour- […]

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Every Body Is Beautiful

Words and photography by Siân Irvine Body positivity is loving your body, in all of its glory. It is knowing that imperfections make us unique. It is knowing that there is no “perfect” body, that the beach will get any body that we decide to give it, and that despite what the media tells us, the only […]

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Girl Gang 

‘Girl Gang’ U L T R A V E N U S is a great word with even greater letters… The following photos document the piece I painted with the help of my good gal pal, Howl. Together we used colours that we felt represented Ultravenus the most– silvers, greys, whites and yellow. – Iris […]

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“Girls shouldn’t do Graff….”

Ultravenus welcomes our new ghost writer, Iris.     I’ve stumbled into a scene that is very much misunderstood. I’ve listened to many stories involving ‘missions’ that have happened all around Europe and the UK, about things that I did not fully understand or I was able to picture in my mind. I began observing from […]

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Ultravenus Issue 1: Gods and Monsters

Fighting the patriarchy with art, words and revolutionary thought. Ultravenus Magazine is born from the minds of three young, like minded individuals, brought together by a matched desire to communicate the power and beauty of females through their respective art forms. Meet Sian, Kate, and Emily. Ultravenus explores the ever changing and evolving world of […]

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