Words by Jada Mae Photography by Siâ Irv Home can undoubtedly be anywhere, and the most unconventional or unexpected places. I moved to London nearly 2 years ago and for longest time struggled to find my place here, and never called it home. In fact, I was always extremely adamant on never referring to it […]

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Shani Cherry Let me explain how I discovered the difference between being happy with yourself and loving yourself… and why you should too. I have always, always had love for myself. I always thought I loved myself but it dawned on me last year that maybe I didn’t love me in the way I was […]

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Goodbye Lemonade…

By Siâ Irv September was a month of celebrating all things Beyoncé, girl power, and making something sweet out of sour situations. In Lemonade we found peace, solace and power. We celebrated our individual womanhood and each other’s, basking in the glory of what can be achieved when you look for the best when you […]

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“Girls shouldn’t do Graff….”

Ultravenus welcomes our new ghost writer, Iris.     I’ve stumbled into a scene that is very much misunderstood. I’ve listened to many stories involving ‘missions’ that have happened all around Europe and the UK, about things that I did not fully understand or I was able to picture in my mind. I began observing from […]

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